So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


occasionally i find myself thinking about personal blogs and the nature thereof.  blogging is an excellent means of venting anonymously, whether about work, dating, a lack of dates, or politics.  it's fortunate that so many people find comfort in putting down their semi-automatic weapons and picking up their laptops as an alternative.  

but we complain a lot.  don't we?  like... a lot.  

no judgment!   like i said, it's fortunate that blogging offers such a peaceful outlet, and one that is often (until something goes horribly wrong *cough* Pennsylvanian teachers) possible to accomplish anonymously and harmlessly.

but for today, if only once and even if i'm alone in so doing in the blogosphere, i'd like to take a few moments to a) offer thanks for a random few of life's many, many blessings and b) remind you that, if you're sitting in front of your nice computer reading my blog, chances are you are very blessed, loved and surrounded by reasons to be thankful.  it's your choice whether or not you actually be thankful.

here are my random blessings:
  • my hair.  yeah, that is the first thing that comes to mind.  so?? i'm thankful for a full head of naturally highlighted hair, for which i got a compliment from a stranger this week.  my brother went bald at 20, and i'm nearing 30 with my hair intact.  hallelujah.
  • lovely friends who support me despite my craziness, my ups and downs, and an occasional rash life decision for which i expect unconditional support.  
  • my Ma learning (and liking) to text, which has greatly decreased the need for long telephone chats.
  • travel.  i've found myself thinking lately how lucky i was to travel to and live in multiple places around the world at such a young age.  i'm glad that i made travel a priority before tedious concerns such as money, career and personal relationships could prevent me from packing my bags and flying away.
  • Mr. Finch. how could i make a list like this without mentioning that little demon of whom i am so fond?
  • you, probably.  if you're reading this, we're probably either friends in real life or blog buddies, meaning i take the time to either hang out and/or talk to you in reality, or to check in on and keep up with your life via the internets on a regular basis.  if you're a total stranger, this bullet point doesn't apply to you. yet. (i just creepily and very gayly said out loud, "Potentiallll.")
  • gummi vitamins.   

i'd love to hear a few things for which you're thankful, regardless of how random they may be.  


Just Sayin... said...

You are 100% right!

As much as we all bitch, I'd like to think we're not all that self absorbed.

I never forget how greatful and lucky I am. My friends are my chosen family. :)

Piney said...

Things I'm grateful for:

My amazing circle of family/bf/friends. (Special shout out to all "mom-made" foods of course)
My health.
My job and the people I work with. It makes my day when people acknowledge and appreciate the work I do for them.
Getting to travel all over the world so easily. Sometimes I think it must be very irritiating to live in the States, when in Europe you can travel to a completely different country in an hour and for under €50.

PS You'll have to put up more photos, I'm very curious about just how glorious your hair is now. I would be pretty thankful for that just so ya know.