So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


this morning when i ended a call with a male customer service rep from Serius, i caught myself saying "buh-bye."  softly, and to a man.

then i realized -- i say that to EVERYONE on the phone!  i've been doing it for years, without putting any thought into it.  in the office, to family and friends, in customer service situations, with complete strangers.  i never thought twice about it until today.

"Okay, thanks again, buh-bye."  

"Buh-bye now.  Buh-bye."

is "buh-bye" weird/inappropriate/too gay?  do i need to make an effort to stop saying it?  or am i making a mountain out of a gayhill because it's my first day off in, like, months, and i'm already a little bored?

LMK, guys.  


Monday, December 26, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

playing catch-up

hey erryboday! what's new? 

i wanted to check in and mention that i haven't stopped posting; i'm just busier than i've ever been in my life, basically.  even busier than law school finals or studying for the bar exam.  but not the bad kind of busy.  just busy.  full of energy, but still collapsing at the end of the day.

so here's an update.

first of all, my favorite Postsecret this week is:

i've wished for years that i were a Hebe, mostly because of lovely traditions/rituals, but also because of 9 days of gifts and no student loans. in related news, HAPPY CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH/MAKEUPYOURMINDS,JEWS!  this is night one!  boop boop! wish i had a Menorah to light.  i'd also enjoy the shame and guilt of being Jewish while dating my Muslim doctor.

second of all, i haven't been up to much aside from work.  but things have been good.

D's birthday a couple weeks ago was pretty fabulous.  we spent a beautiful, sunny and cold Saturday touring Maryland's wine country.  you didn't know Maryland has a wine country?  nor did i...

it was a beautiful day.  i imagine the four vineyards we visited will be even more beautiful when there is live vegetation growing thereon, rather than empty dead vines. yeah... so...  

the wine was still delicious, and we came home with multiples bottles in tow.  

i started the day as DD of our big rented van but ended the day as a passed out passenger as D's lover safely guided our Enterprise ship home to Balimore.

since then, life has been mostly work.  tonight i got home before 7 PM for the first time in almost two months, and it was glorious.  instead of going to the gym after work, i hauled ass home to clean the house and have a glass of sauv. blanc.

what else?  well, T's annual holiday mix CD arrived in the mail recently, so my head and car have been filled with lots of lovely Christmas music.  if you haven't heard Justin Biebs sing "Silent Night," you simply have not lived.  have not felt.  have not been a pedophile like i --- wait, isn't he legal now?  i think he is. to vote, i mean.

last night after dinner, the doctor gave me a really lovely Christmas gift that, upon returning home, i promptly Googled and then felt sick about how much he spent combined with the fact that i've still gotten him nothing.  my excuse was going to be that i didn't want to offend him (see above), but now it'll just be a belated gift that, "i kept forgetting to bring over" until right after clearance sales coincidentally begin.

finally, i should admit to you that my face is currently covered in honey that is slowwwllyyyy dripping down onto my shirt and into my mouth-hole.  i work with a really gay organic aesthetician (as he would refer to himself -- well, maybe he wouldn't include the gay part, but there's no hiding it) who has convinced me to do yogurt masques and honey masques on my skin.  you may laugh and call me a flaming idiot, but my skin looks fantastic.  serious, y'all.  meanwhile, Atti keeps trying to lick the honey off my arms and neck, but i won't let him.  i think that's bad for cats.  but good for infants.

what's new with yinz?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

important firsts, part II

first fight -- or, more importantly, first make-up.  

so the doctor and i had our first fight during the past week.  first weirdness.  first emo moments, though thank Buddha they were mostly via text (the adult way to cop out of an awkward situation!), and finally, first make-up talk.

what's the solution when a really stupid situation arises out of the blue and complicates otherwise simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated relationship?  pretend it didn't happen.

that's exactly what we did last night, over gummy bears:

"I've decided that you and I haven't seen each other for a week."
me: "What do you mean?"
"Well, I've been away.  And you've been away. We haven't spoken in a week, and I really missed you."
me: "Oh. Right, you were in Iran or somewhere, right?"
"You're racist. Learn geography."
me: "I can't be racist, I'm dating a man of color."
"Fine. I was visiting family in Africa.  And you were visiting your mother in Kentucky."
me: "I missed you, too.  How was your week?"

dig holes in sand.  insert heads. 

dangerous? ...meh.  it's working for now.  and i don't think i'd do it if the fight/misunderstanding were at all important, but trust me -- this one was just stupid.

Monday, December 5, 2011

my morning smile

any time you need a pick-me-up, come back here and watch this.

thanks for sharing, Patrick.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

post(ing) secret(s)

this made me laugh.

because i've done that so many times, and it makes me feel like an idiot every time i do it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

posting no secrets

i was disappointed this morning to find that Postsecret has not been updated yet today.  that's just crazy; it is new every Sunday morning, like clockwork.

oh, right.  today is Saturday.  i've had off yesterday and today, so my mental clock is out of whack.  i guess Postsecret isn't malfunctioning after all.

at any rate, i'd like to inform you that i've done something great with my two days off -- like a hiking trip, or sailing on the Chesapeake, or a tour de museums of DC -- but that's just not the case.  aside from a raucous night out on Thursday, drinking with some old and some new friends, i haven't done much of anything.  

sure, the house is clean, and i'm caught up on American Horror Story and Once Upon a Time, but that's pretty much all i can say.  last night was expected to be a date night, but i accidentally fell asleep last night before i was supposed to go meet the boy (his fault for working such unreasonable hours).  rescheduled for tonight.  at least that's something that i'll be able to say i've done over my "weekend" away from work.

since i can't impress you with all the great fun that i've had over these couple of days, i'll leave you with this:

that kid's hair is disgusting, but the crescent dogs are amazeballs.  Danielle made them last night, and i've declared them the official food of our house.  at least until next week, when something else covered in cheese and fried and taking less than 2 minutes to warm up comes to my attention. 

i'm allowed to eat such crap, because i've been going to the gym religiously.  i think once i turn 30, i might become a vegan.  that seems like the healthy, forward-thinking thing to do, doesn't it?  until then, i'll just work out and eat animal fats.