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Thursday, May 26, 2011


gotta get down on a half day!

just the other day i found myself thinking, as i discussed the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a co-worker, how nice it would be to have a day, or even half of a day, off and to be able to go wander around the museum on a weekday without the headache-inducing din of children and crowds. 

that got me thinking of all the great things i could do if i had a half-day.  i could stop by Reading Terminal and pick up some fresh Amish produce with which to make a super healthy dinner.  i could sit on a bench down by the river and read one of the books that i recently purchased at the used book store (i got 3 great novels, one of which is hardcover and the other two of which are Kingsolver [based on Tay's urging that i read more], for only $7.  i love used book stores and exchanges.)  i could lie out on the patio and get a tan.  i could finally find a small harness and begin training Mr. Finch to prance around the neighborhood like a show dog (it is possible. i've seen it.).  i could clean the house thoroughly while watching the 6th season of Weeds on DVD.  i could go out for a good, long run on Kelly Drive or a bike ride around Fairmount Park.

"There are so many things that I would love to do with my afternoon, if only I were off work," i found myself thinking the other day.  

today, by some twist of fate and Jesus and way too much overtime, i got to leave work at noon. 

isn't life funny, the way you can be thinking of something one day and two days later it happens? or you spend days trying to think of a name or title or melody that eludes you, and then you encounter someone who mentions the very thing that has been killing you because you couldn't think of it.  or you have a really dirty dream about a random person who you rarely see, and then you run into that person and feel so awkward that it likely manifests itself in your interaction with that person, leaving him or her to wonder what he or she did to upset you.  yeah, life sure is funny.  so are dreams.  the other night i had a dream that i was in a haunted house for a job interview, and my mom and several law school classmates were applying for the same job.  in this economy, that's not too far-fetched -- not even the haunted house part!  (?!?)

but i digress.  there are so many things that i would love to do with a half day.  but guess what i'm doing.  go on, guess.

i'm sitting at my desk, in my underwear because the air conditioning is taking a while to heat down, catching up on the book of faces as well as your blogs, listening to vintage Lady Gaga because i like it so much better than her new album, calling my BFF to tell her about the terrible struggle i had with a muffin this morning (as a carboholic to his sponsor), talking to the cat because no one else is home for another couple of hours, and planning how i can spend the rest of the afternoon naked, which i rarely get to do because i have housemates. 

what about the museum? the bench down by the river? the sunshine? the cardio?

it's too hot to do anything but sweat, and cardio on Kelly Drive or through Fairmount Park is only fun when there are lots of hotties running or playing soccer, respectively, to distract you from the interminable bore of cardio exercise.  plus i have so much DVR'd television waiting for me.

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qeblog said...

Yes! A man after my own heart. On my days off I would rather spend them at home reading the news and blogs, or at Stabucks people-watching.