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Saturday, October 2, 2010

it gets better.

in case you haven't yet heard of the It Gets Better Project, i have to tell you about it.  in response to increased attention being paid as of late to the always high rates of depression and suicide among LGBTQ teens, gays of all kinds and from all over the place are putting videos on YouTube to spread the message to teenagers that IT GETS BETTER!  most of the videos are made by normal people who have stories to tell and encouragement to share.  some celebs and public figures are also now making videos.  this is a very important project, and i hope that the young gays find these videos.

i feel so proud and encouraged as i see these videos.  i wish that when i was a 15 year old struggling with depression, my sexuality, and what to do with my hair, that someone had said to me, "Hey.  It gets better.  It's actually pretty great being gay, and when you leave this small town, everything will change for you.  For the better.  Now cut your hair.  It's too long."

most of the videos are inspiring and emotional, but here's a unique and funny one featuring Guy Branum, one of the writers on Chelsea Lately:

maybe i'll make a video.  maybe all you gays out there should as well.  first i need to find some photos of myself with hair hanging down past my chin.  


Piney said...

That's such a fantastic idea. I'll definitely pass it onto all of my friends. Thanks :-)

Piney said...

I know this is on a completely unrelated topic but I bought "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" today and recognised a few quotes from the blog. Just finished it there, what a fantastic read. I just thought you should know that recognising the quotes made me pause and reflect a little bit more. So eh..thanks. :-)

tobethatguy said...

Such a great book. I hope you enjoy it.

qeblog said...

Over the past few days, I too have considered making a video."It gets better" is a great movement. It has motivated me to get more involved.