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Friday, November 19, 2010

aged a bit today

today was my law school class's 2.5 year reunion.  

not officially, of course.  who would have a 2.5 year reunion?  no, we reunited today for a funeral of one of our classmates, one of our friends.  one of our own.  

it was clear that we weren't accustomed to funerals of our peers.  sure, we've said good-bye to grandparents, relatives.  but we're not used to saying goodbye to one of our own.  our parents might be. our grandparents certainly are used to doing so.  

are we allowed to say, "It's good to see you"?  are we allowed to say, "Things are good"?  are we allowed to ask what's new with work, and boyfriends, and to give good news? 

i don't know.  most of us didn't seem sure about what was appropriate, because but we're not accustomed to the situation.there was so much love in the room, but we didn't feel comfortable smiling.  we were happy to see each other, but too sad about saying good-bye to a lovely friend to enjoy the reunion.  i guess we're not used to seeing the same people who we usually see drinking at engagement parties now crying into tissues.  we're not used to seeing our old beer pong partners acting as pall bearers.  

we're too young for this.  or at least we were.  i think my friends and i aged a bit today.

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