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Monday, October 3, 2011

pub urinal message from the gods

last night i was enjoying my fifth date with a guy who's turning out to be really great, when a trip to the men's room left me reconsidering the whirlwind relationship in which i seem to have gotten caught up in the last few weeks.

my date and i had some time to kill before a movie, so we stopped for a bite and some heat in a pub (as is typical of Northeast U.S. weather, Friday was still Summer and by Sunday morning everyone was wearing a winter jacket).  while standing at a urinal, i looked up to find that someone had left me (?) a message in this bar in which i had never before been:

i'm not usually one to be superstitious or to read great meaning into insignificant things (fine, i AM), but the message caught me off guard.  i wish someone had left it as "F MATT," rather than to cause me to question whether i was being told to slow down and to just be friends with my date.  "Friend MATT!"  that exclamation point is just so --- so -- harsh.  if there were a comma (i.e. "Friend, MATT!") i probably would have called the whole thing off already.  fortunately, drunk guys in bars aren't super concerned with grammar.  and for that i thank them.  i like the wiggle room on this one.  

to make matters more thought-provoking, during the course of our evening together, my date told me that there's a chance that he'll be taking a position with a hospital in a different city in the new year.  just a chance, but a great enough one that he felt the need to mention this early on.  and while i haven't known him long, i already know that i'll be devastated if he leaves -- that is, unless i heed the pub urinal message, wind back the dating, and have a "just friends" talk with this really great guy.

do i take it as a word of caution, or do i ignore it?  am i being crazy? is the universe speaking to me?  you tell me.

in other news, the Anna Faris film "What's Your Number?" is laugh-out-loud funny yet surprisingly serious for the leading lady, considering her customary slapstick roles.  as a fun rom-com, especially for purposes of a date, i highly recommend seeing it.


Just Sayin... said...

Past the time with him until he leaves. You like him. If he stays, then you can discuss becoming exclusive.

Good luck.

JP said...

It depends on how hot he is.

Piney said...

Well you asked for advice so here's my suggestion and it's only that of course.

Last year I was in the exact same situation when I was just out clubbing and met my guy on the dancefloor. We were both upfront from the get go. I was planning on going to Australia for at least 6 months and he was going to India for another 3 months. Well we just said we'd play it cool and see how we felt when the time to say goodbye came along. Well it's been over 2 months since I last saw him but we're still talking twice a day and going strong.

The point is, you never know what can come of something small and random. Give it a chance at least.

tobethatguy said...

Good advice, guys. Well, not yours so much, Jay. Thanks, though.

JP said...

Sometimes I don't know why I bother with trying to help you.