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Friday, May 8, 2009

random rant

it amazes me that, in the 6th largest city in the US, with at least a couple million people roaming the streets every day, i see the same people all the time.

i don't just mean the people i share the elevator with, or the morning regulars at starbucks. or even the girl i see every morning on spruce street as we head our opposite directions for work. it's perfectly normal to see those types of people regularly.

but other times it's a bit eerie. seeing a guy at a mexican restaurant one night, and then again the next morning, on the other side of town. noticing a runner on the river path on tuesday and remembering her face at a restaurant a few nights later.

i often find myself saying to my friends, when we're out and about, "ohh that's the guy we saw at ___" or "weird, that's the same girl who was at ___."

it's not just me. my friend Emily has seen the same Greenpeace street moocher (no offense. i know they're doing good work, but stop asking me for money, especially when i'm listening to my iPod. god...) multiple times, in totally different locations, in the past few weeks. often enough that it's getting weird. she sees him so often, she's developed a crush.

my primary complaint is that this sort of thing never happens when you need it to happen.

the cutie who flirted with me at the grocery store a few weeks ago: WHERE IS HE NOW?!? because you know i've been trying that whole same-time-same-place trick, and he hasn't been there since. don't cute guys shop on a set grocery schedule? i mean, i didn't, but i do now.

and that adorable guy on my block, the one who did the half-turn-around smile. i ran into him two times in one weekend, and not once since then. DID HE MOVE?? who moves in April?

i realize these are the types of situations that Missed Connections are made for. i'm just not ready to resort to that yet, 'ya know?

i would just like it if something a little more romantic, more coincidental (or so it would appear, such as in the grocery stalking scenario) panned out every now and again. i want to run into the people i want to run into, not all those other bitches.

and that's what really grinds my gears.

give a single man a chance!

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