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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Friday, May 29, 2009

"something russian"

Emily: did you rub buddha's belly this morning?
me: i rubbed attipuss's belly. he's quite like a wise, old buddha. a hairy one.
11:40 AM
Emily: aww da baby attipuss- cutie patootie
11:41 AM me: don't front
i am now aware that u hate cats
so don't even pretend to care about him or his overwhelming beauty
Emily: oh totally not
he's still cute
no i don't like cats but some are cute
me: he's GORGEOUS
he's one of the most beautiful cats ever, and EVERYONE tells me that
Emily: umm i take it back
i've never noticed his supposed overwhelming beauty
11:42 AM me: u HAVEN"T?
Emily: nope
me: omg
i will cut you.
Emily: i will do the same back to you
i will do something russian to you

hahaaa. this chick cracks me UP!

brought to you via Gchat, without which every work day would be utter hell. utter, productive hell.


carteemily said...

This is the meaning of "something russian"

News from the METRO
MOSCOW. When a Russian woman was rebuffed in her marriage proposal to her boyfriend, she calmly suggested the two share a peaceable farewell dinner. Later, she detonated fireworks on the man's penis. The woman, identified only as Kira V., faces 12 years imprisonment after lulling her victim, Alik D., to sleep with alcohol and then exploding his genitals.

that guy said...

totally makes sense now. i forgot to remember that article.


carteemily said...

i'm just sayin! if you cut me, there will be fireworks!