So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

not so lamebook after all

Dec. 23. i mailed a thoughtful christmas gift from Philadelphia to Baltimore, where it was to delight my best friend Danielle.

Dec. 25. D reports that she hasn't received the gift. my bad, i sent it too late.

Dec. 31. you still haven't gotten the gift? that's insane. i'm so upset.

Jan. 4. i can't believe that, once again, the mail i sent from Philly didn't reach her in Baltimore. and the last time this happened, it was VERY important and meaningful. why me?

Jan. 11. that gift is gone. it is so gone, man. i wonder where packages end up if they don't reach their destination? i sent something that anyone could enjoy, so i guess i hope someone, somewhere, opens it and uses it. maybe there's a lost-and-found box at the USPS headquarters.

Jan. 13. via text:
"M, you aren't gonna believe this. some guy emailed me on Facebook and told me he has a package from Philly at his house. he lives in my neighborhood. i'm going to meet up with him to get it."

"shut UP! i'm so so so happy! are you sure it's from me?"

"yeah, he opened it and told me what it is. what a jerk."

just another internet miracle. another internet christmas miracle. god bless Facebook.


Danielle said...

love it. but you know what else?! HE LIVES IN MY BUILDING! so that SAINT/ASS basically just saw a 'D' on the package and took it up to his apt. miracle??..or someone's been stalking me and would go to ANY LENGTHS to meet me??? hmmm..?

tobethatguy said...


it was a really heartwarming story while our ignorance lasted.

Colleen said...

The Island of Misfit Toys. That's where unclaimed packages go.