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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

rule for life #37

don't drunk dial.  

drunk texting can be a bad idea, but drunk dialing is always a huge mistake.  no exceptions.

fortunately, this is a lesson that i've mostly* learned already, and i'm still a young 28 years old.  sure, it took a while to learn this lesson.  many bad drunk dials.  many embarrassing mornings.  i think that drunk texts aren't so terrible, only because you have evidence of what you said while intoxicated.  drunk dialing, for many of us, leaves no clues of the substance; you have only a call log showing that you spoke to him for two minutes (wait, did i talk to him? oh god, did i leave a voicemail message? two minutes?!) as "evidence" of your mistake.  you have no idea what you said.

if you haven't yet learned the lesson, take this video as a word of caution.  albeit, a hilarious word of caution, but -- nonetheless...

a big thanks to my love Tay for sending me this video.  it made me laugh out loud and then cringe as some embarrassing memories came back to me.

*i say that i've mostly learned already, because i do have a habit of calling Casshole when i'm UI.  no negative repercussions from that, though.  only hilarity ensues.


Colleen said...

Okay, that person didn't sound like a Dominic, but...anyway, that was the funniest thing I've heard in a long-ass time. "U as in Eunice", Lol! Thank you for sharing; I needed that!

Taylor said...

As a delightful follow-up, please also enjoy this gem:

tobethatguy said...

I love the follow-up.

Piney said...

HI-LAR-IOUS. I'm going to steal this and post it all over Facebook now.

Piney said...

Here's another gem on needy girlfriends.