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Sunday, November 20, 2011

baila pa' tu papi

so many things to tell you.  where do i begin, considering my lack of posting lately?

1. work.  going great.  so busy, but mostly enjoyable, and a great excuse for not going home for Thanksgiving this year (every year i find a new excuse).

2.  Thanksgiving.  this year, since i have only one day off, and my housemate is in the same boat, we're having an intimate Friendsgiving with 5 or 7 lovely people.  the turkey has been purchased, the house is full of food just waiting to be cooked, and i'm in charge of nothing but cocktails.  sweeeeeeet!

i'm thinking of concocting a vodka-cranberry-fizzy-punch thing that everyone will love and that no one will be able to tell is 50% vodka.  i'll begin testing proportions today while i do laundry.  now where's my punch bowl?

3.  car.  somehow in my hectic life juggling work, an eating-disordered cat (who is on meds and is doing much better), finding time for dates with the busy doctor, and trying to get to the gym as often as possible (twice a week is pretty good, right?!), i bought a car.

i haven't had or wanted a car for several years.  why would i want a depreciating hunk of metal that will require expensive and time-consuming maintenance for the rest of our time together?  i didn't.  i don't.  but i'm living in a city where everyone has a car, and for the time being i have a commute, so it just had to happen.

that's not my actual car.  i obviously did not take Papi the Jetta to a scenic hill for a few glamour shots.  if you want to see my actual car, i'll text you a horrible photo that my Ma insisted on taking, or an embarrassing one that Cass took on the day that i got the car.  picture me draped over the hood, smizing and cooing.  why do i still let her talk me into shit like that? we're not 19 anymore.

at any rate, i like the car a lot, and it's the second Jetta i've owned.  it wasn't my first car choice.  i made sure that the first song i played in my new car was J.Lo's PAPI.  i don't even like the song that much, but i had to play it in honor of the Fiat that i so badly wanted but didn't buy because it's ridiculously small (also, two guys told me i would look so gay driving it; one of them said he'd break up with me).  listen to see if you catch the part in the song where J.Lo pays tribute to Willow Smith.

the video features J.Lo's acclaimed acting skills and reminds me of the little-known 1992 film Love Potion No. 9, starring a young and much less attractive, diamond-in-the-rough Sandra Bullock.  now you know.

4.  Twilight.  the series drags on, and unfortunately i am committed for the long haul.  if you haven't yet seen Breaking Dawn, here's some advice: drink beforehand.  it is so awful and hilarious, what with the cartoonish talking dogs and Edward chewing a demon baby out of Bella's womb (oops, i should've said **Spoiler Alert**. my bad!), that i wish that i'd had some vodka-cranberry-fizzy-punch to make the film seem less ridiculous and maybe less memorable.  the final film (what number are we on, now, the seventh?) will be released in a year.  just let it end already.  just --- enough.

on the upside, we finally see our beloved idiot characters having sexual relations, and it looks absolutely nothing like this:

that is not R.Patts' body, not even close.  the promos for this film all deserve Photoshop Emmys. also, the sex scenes are laugh out loud funny.

and there you have it.  this has been an in-depth, multimedia update on my life.  tell me what's going on in yours?

also, i'll be live-blogging the Drunksgiving shenanigans on Thursday, since i'm not doing any of the cooking or other hard work.  stay tuned.

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MisPerfect said...

I can't believe you moved to Baltimore. I've really been out of the loop. I love Baltimore!

What's new in my life is I am contemplating a return to blogging (under a new alias). Check in from time to time and let me know what you think.