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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

just lent me explain...

dear Johnnie,

i have something to tell you -- something that may upset you. but first, i need you to know that this is not easy for me. so here goes: in short, i think we should take a break. but please let me explain.

even if you're not catholic
(most Scotts are protestant, right?), you might already know that Lent begins today. you might have noticed a bunch of white people walking around with dirt (actually ash) on their foreheads.

i myself am not catholic, so i missed out on the joys of Ash Wednesday and no-meat-on-Fridays. but one part of Lent that i have been sure to participate in is the supposedly edifying self-deprivation of the season.

as a serious believer, i have made some very difficult sacrifices throughout the years, including:

-peanut m&m's
-dates (
not the food)
-instant messenger

and believe it or not, i had a pretty good showing, if not complete success, with all of these. despite
growing up in churches that frowned upon flamboyant rituals and ceremonies, i've always enjoyed a good ritual.

and what better ritual than honoring Jesus's 40 days of lonely, hungry wandering through the wilderness than to spend 40 days soul-searching, praying, and -most of all- abstaining from chocolate?

but this year i've decided to give up something nearer and dearer to my heart than candy. i've decided to give up my nightcap. that's where you come in, Johnnie.

you have been a source of much warmth and comfort to me, Mr. Walker. you've joined me in bed with a good book on many a cold night. you've waited patiently at my bedside as the ice has melted. you've lulled me to sleep with your intoxicating symphony of flavor. you must know that i appreciate you, but now is a time for sacrifice and reflection.

we will meet again, in 40 days. i promise. until then, i'll think of you fondly as i wander through the lonely desert that is my nightcap-less evening, and as i stop to look at your bottle on my kitchen countertop.

yours truly,


1 comment:

ASH said...

i didn't know you liked Johnnie... that comforts me. i thought i was alone.

well... i have my own stash here if you ever have a moment of weakness on any given weekend between now and... is it April 6th ???!

i'm such a bad friend.