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Monday, July 11, 2011

the dog days

if you hate summer weather as much as i do andalwayshaveandalwayswill, i can offer you plenty of suggestions for ways to spend a free day in the dead of summer. 

most Philadelphians migrate "down na shoowuh" (translation: to the beach) every weekend of the summer.  i've learned that, for many of my neighbors, "the weekend" extends from Thursday after work through Monday morning at 6 AM, leaving these people just enough time to make it back to the city to work.  

i still am not like these Philadelphians, possibly because i grew up too far from any beach to ever become accustomed to going.  or possibly because i don't really like the beach that much, and if i happen to make it there any time between April and October, i spend the entire trip sitting in the shade and re-applying sunscreen.  i would like to still look like this when i'm 45.  well, like this but more muscular.  and richer.  i'd like to look richer and more muscular.

at any rate, this weekend was a hot one.  so, so hot.  beautiful and sunny, but humid as your knee pits, as per usual in Pennsylvania.  so i spent Saturday at a cool museum.  after 6 years in Philadelphia and visits to almost every other art and science museum that the city has to offer, i finally visited PENN's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  it's a fairly small museum compared to the PMA or DC's and Pittsburgh's natural history museums, but it's full of fascinating finds and precious artifacts.

standing at the foot of the second largest sphinx ever unearthed made me feel very small (hey, remember that Postsecret from yesterday?).

 all the sarcophagi (sp?) and unwrapped mummies (there are many at the museum, which surprised and impressed me) made me feel very --- well, alive, obvi. but also insignificant. in the end, we're all just piles of bones decaying in the ground.  or piles of ash scattered to the wind. 

 this African god mask made me feel very handsome.

those are rhinoceros teeth.

and looking at my roommate through the second largest flawless crystal ball in existence (from, like, 8th century China or something) just made me feel like a great photographer.  i'm so creative...

i have many more photos, but those are the highlights.  i can't just share every exciting thing that i do every day, people.  first, i don't have the time.  my life is very exciting.  second, i need my privacy.

just a couple of my other suggestions are sitting at the art museum and reading, as well as seeing a double feature at the theater (if you can find two movies that you want to see; i couldn't find even one this weekend.  well, i'm thinking about "Bad Teacher"...).  but for this weekend, the archaeo/anthropology museum was perfect.

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