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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

in the know

if you don't yet have Google+, you're so two thousand and late.  i have it, and all the cool people i know have it.

in other news, i have no clue what Google+ is supposed to do for me.  every day when i log on, the plus informs me that my friends are "hanging out" online without me.  

once upon a time, when i was 17 years old and used Yahoo! to "meet" "friends" all over the country, we used to call this phenomenon a chat room. (what's your a/s/l?).  for a brief period in 1999, i was dating a gorgeous blonde girl who lived in Virginia and who i never met.  i am certain that she was real, because she sent me handwritten letters and cards enclosing her senior class photos.  we met in a public chat room for Christian teenagers, but once we got serious, we chatted privately on AIM every night before bed.  for me, it was the perfect romantic relationship with a girl.  at any rate, the chat room thing is now called a "hangout," according to Google.

now you know.



*t said...

I had to Google Google+ a few days ago because I was so sick of hearing about everyone and their "invites" and not knowing what in the world the jazz was about.

I guess I'm not cool enough yet to hangout with the cool kids and their cool moms in their cool jeans.

Anonymous said...

Google+ is alright so far. I am liking that it's something new. I am pretty sure Facebook and Google now own parts of my soul.

Piney said...

Aww the girlfriend story is very cute. That's nice.

I used to frequently go on French chatrooms and talk to boys and they all thought I was the bees knees. No one at school thought French was cool, BUT I KNEW I WAS COOL ON THE INSIDE!