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Monday, August 1, 2011

my afternoon smile

i just caught myself chuckling as i remembered a ridiculous conversation that i had with my normally sensical mother during my weekend visit to the country.  i was trying to pet my neighbor's goat, seen here:

Ma: They had another one, but it died.
me: That's sad.  What happened to it?
Ma: Nothing. It just died.  Goats do that.
me: It didn't just die.  Animals don't just die for no reason.
Ma: Goats do. Out of the blue.  
me: No they don't.
Ma: Trust me.  They have seizures or something.

all i could do was laugh at her.  if any of you have experience with goats spontaneously expiring, let me know.  i have some experience with goats, believe it or not, and i don't recall them dropping like flies.  when i was young, i had a pet goat named Nanny.  she didn't die.  we had to send her away because she kept spitting on us and biting everyone who came near her.

at any rate, it was a nice weekend away from Philly and a nice visit with the fam. 

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Lifebeginsat30ty said...

At least he didn't expire while you were petting him ;)

Thanks for the compliment a bit ago! Made my day :)