So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Friday, June 26, 2009

good things

on gloomy, cloudy yet sticky summer days like this, when i'm in a wretched mood the second i walk out my door and begin sweating, it helps to focus on the sunny side of life. to that end, i'm putting together a list of things i'm excited or happy about:

1. my dentist appointment this afternoon! wax on, wax off!

2. my girl Tay's themed birthday party tonight. still racking my brain to come up with a 90's outfit that i won't be too embarrassed to wear to a bar afterwards... suggestions?

3. debuting my new house at a little get-together with some out-of-town guests tomorrow.

4. losing 5 pounds in the past day due to some loco stomach bug. suh-weeeet!

5. the A/C in my office has been out of control this week. on wednesday the temp actually hit a frosty 58 degrees (one of the other attorneys left early because,
he claimed, his nose was too cold). normally i'd whine about that, but considering the crazy weather outside, i was happy as a clam on ice with the office temp.

6. a new Hair Plan. i get so pumped for my Hair Plans, but sometimes i go months in between good ideas. like writer's block for a stylist, it's quite frustrating to just keep trimming with no real inspiration. cut grow cut grow. my blockage has cleared.

7. my closet. after a disastrous collapse, maintenance came to fix a shelf that must've been overly burdened. sometimes a mess is the perfect motivation to re-organize and re-think a space. now it's better than ever, and in less danger of burying atticus in a heap of fallen clothes.

8. gossip girl. see previous posts. i'm in deep.

9. oh, and last but certainly not least: it's friday! TBIF.

10. anything you'd like to add?


Anonymous said...

Only you would rejoice over a shitful night of diarrhea. Take some Immodium.

tobethatguy said...

you, Anonymous do NOT KNOW MY LIFE.

i refuse to take Immodium. that's like asking to gain weight.