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Sunday, September 13, 2009

live-blogging the season finale

actual text messages i received during tonight's insane season finale of True Blood

[note: some language censored for the sake of my younger and/or religious readers.]

9:08, from C.D.

9:09, from C.D.
...Just prepping 4 rest of hour

9:22, from K.G.
LOL so f*ckin funny

9:29, from C.D.

9:30, from J.L.
NOW WHAT for the next 30 mins?

9:30, from C.D.

9:42, from J.L.
Jason needs to shut up and take his clothes off

9:45, from C.D.
Jason's logic is flawless

10:00, from J.L.
She'd rather be with Eric. Who wouldn't?

10:02, from C.D.
Can you say anticlimactic?

10:02, from K.G.
F*ck my life!

10:03, from C.D.
Not enough sessy times

i guess we'll find out in a year. but seriously, what the eff are this show's writers on?

true insanity.

*photo in honor of what this show offered last season.

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