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Friday, September 4, 2009

things change, just like the weather

or at least i wish they would.

by "things," i mean actual things. objects. nouns. you see, i have a little problem. and i'm pretty sure it's not an uncommon one.*

i don't shop very often. i can walk in and out of clothing stores without feeling compelled to buy anything. i recognize when i have far more jeans and shoes than i need. but when i walk though a home furnishings store... i lose my mind.

drop me off in front of a Crate & Barrel, a Pier 1, or even the housewares sections of Macy's and Target -- and i stop thinking logically. suddenly i want a new duvet - and now i'll need new throw pillows - let's redecorate the bathroom - i hate my nightstand - i want more kitchen accessories. my problem is that i want to constantly redecorate my home. again and again.

in this one instance, i guess it's fortunate that i am not wealthy enough to indulge my craving for ambient change. had i money enough to do so, i would be extremely wasteful and capricious.

obviously, one potential outlet for this creative/discontent energy could be a profession in interior design and decorating. but i think i'd need, like, a special degree or something to do that. who's going to hire a lawyer who can barely match a tie to his shirt to decorate a room?!

at any rate... what was i talking about? oh. right. why this is relevant.

so tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, Shaunice and i are embarking on a shopping marathon. first to KOP to hit up Crate & Barrel, then Restoration Hardware, then a million outlet stores at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. i suspect that i'll make it out of Neiman Marcus and Ralph Lauren without a scratch (unlike my roommie), but i'm a little worried about the housewares stores. by this time sunday, i may have redecorated my entire apartment for no reason.

no, i don't have the money, but c'mon! they're outlets. how can i possibly pass up "a deal" if i find one?

*i'll leave it for another day to explore our societal urge to constantly spend, redecorate, and change our lives superficially. i don't have the brain power for such a task today, because i am contemplating new linens and high thread counts.

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T. said...

Not like I can afford to drop a load on new stuff, either, but I just did a little change-a-roo to my place. One step in IKEA and it was inevitable. It's autumnafied without being throw-up red/orange/brown in your face.

New duvet, pillows, cloth to cover my black-and-white chair...and a few changes to pictures...

Have fun (and be safe) shopping! :)