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Monday, February 22, 2010

you say potato, i say fritatta

Q: what could be better than a cheesy, potato-filled, hearty meal on a hung over sunday afternoon?

A: nothing.

on a recent episode of Barefoot Contessa -- one of my Food Network faves -- Ina made a delicious looking "Omelet for Two." that's what she called it, anyway. i would definitely call it a fritatta, but i don't have my own cooking program. yet.

so tempting was this recipe that last night, my buddy A and i decided to take on the frita-- er --
omelet project. here's what happened.

first of all, Atticus was a big help, as usual.

like a bunch of teenage girls after a Tori Amos concert, we did a LOT of cutting. a pile of red potatoes, one huge red onion, chunks of jalapeno cheese, and vine-fresh (
in February? really?) tomatoes...

we swapped the bacon in Ina's recipe with some healthy turkey (A's very good idea) to cut down on cals.

then we doubled most of the ingredients to
double the cals!

aside from the cutting, the entire recipe is about as easy as pie. or quiche, rather. cut, mix, fry, bake. easy squeezy.

i will say, the tomatoes weren't a great idea. i guess that's why Ina didn't include them in her recipe. they were my bad idea. and the cheese should've been shredded -- also part of her recipe. if only Shaunice had a shredder in the house, like i was certain she would have.

at any rate, the finished product was hearty and pretty good. if i had to do it over, i'd probably add some diced peppers and nix the boring tomatoes. maybe i'll make another. i do love a project.

it looks kinda like a pizza, right?

next up: Paula Deen's scones!! the Food Network is obviously very dangerous and addictive.

in completely unrelated news, thanks to Grammar Girl for helping me decide whether to use the word "addictive" or "addicting." it's conundrums like that one that make me thank Jesus and Al Gore for the internet.


carteemily said...

-heavens to mergatroy! (is that the saying? if it is what does it mean? and if it isn't what does it mean?)
-that looks absolutely delicious. i want to make it- mmmmm jalapenyo cheese- what's better than that? nothing.
-a question i've asked myself many a time. i says to myself i says, "self- is it addictive or addicting in this particular situation?"

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

'addicting' just sounds wrong for some reason.

That frittata looks amazing! If only I wasn't too lazy to do all that cutting.

Atticus looks beautiful :)

Colleen said...

Oh, M, did you know how much I love Ina Garten? And Grammar Girl? A post after my own heart!