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Sunday, February 28, 2010

to wanna be that guy

the year was 1995. Liv Tyler was hot and wild. Renee Zellweger was young and unfamiliar with botox. and i was an angst-filled, 13-year old wannabe.

case in point: i wanted to BE A.J., the impossibly hot artist who pines for the love of Corey (Liv Tyler) throughout the movie. he's the boy to Liv's left in the photo. swoooon.

that year i grew my hair almost to my shoulders, bought lots of grungy sweaters and even a terry cloth shirt like the one A.J. wears in the movie, and memorized the entire Empire Records soundtrack.
thank god my brother bought a copy and didn't notice when i borrowed it to play in my discman for days on end.

needless to say, it was an impressionable age for me. fresh off the heels of My So-Called Life, 1995 also brought us Clueless, which became my other obsession. musically and grungily, however, no film captured that era better than ER did.

i took a trip down this memory lane last night, and Empire Records filled me with the same teenage angst and hair envy that it did 15 years ago. it also filled me with nostalgia for the Cranberries and Gin Blossoms. i'll probably be on iTunes all day buying old music.

here's a lovely scene from the movie to take you back -- or take you there for the first time, if you weren't obsessed with it back then like i was:


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

LOVE that movie! My favorite part was the quarters glued to the floor, lol. They just seemed so cool and put together. Still do. *sigh*

shelly said...

omfg i loved this movie SO MUCH. i wanted to go to school dressed like liv tyler's character, but my mom wouldn't let me :-)