So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

thanks, Tylenol PM!

last night i had the most bizarre and vivid dreams. i can't figure out why i remember them so well today, so many hours after i awoke. that's unusual. maybe i got no REM sleep whatsoever?

i remember one dream in which my roommate bought a case of Mt. Dew, and i stood staring into our refrigerator, in disbelief. it wasn't even diet. if you knew my roommate, you'd understand why this dream was absurd.

then i dreamed an entire episode of Sex and the City in Spanish. it was the episode in which Samantha tells Smith to say on MTV that he's not dating anyone special. Samantha sounds exactly the same in Spanish, so i know it wasn't just dubbed. you're more likely to know this episode as the post-it and pot smoking episode. i've watched it far too many times.

finally, i dreamed a bunch of random, disconnected screen grabs from the movie Death Becomes Her. how twisted!

i must've watched this movie a hundred times as a pre-teen. my mom should've known then...

but back to the point of this post -- what the eff is wrong with me?? what do all these dreams say, if anything? i am so gay in my sleep! i'm afraid of high fructose corn syrup! tengo tanto miedo de HFCS!

let's pretend it was all just a bizarre side-effect of Tylenol PM on a stomach full of Kashi cereal. i should also add that i'm not an addict (at least not re: pills). i took a nap yesterday and knew i'd need an extra nudge falling asleep.

now that i know this little blue wonder drug is hallucinogenic, maybe i'll take it more often.


Colleen said...

I had a dream completely in Spanish not to long ago and, I kid you not, I haven't studied Spanish since sophomore year of college. It's nice to know it's still hanging around in my subconscious, though.

Peggy ford said...

the mountain dew makes sense to Shaunices mother - who loves and adores mountain dew - esp the throwback 12 pack they had out for awhile. Not the diet crap either!!!! too funny - thanks for the laugh!