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Saturday, September 20, 2008


from October's Men's Health, "Ask the girl next door" advice column:

When can I send a text? When should I call?

Texting is a perfectly acceptable medium for mindless flirting ("ur such a qt"), logistical updates ("w8 for me"), and quick inquiries ("u like Thai?"). For conversations that require more than a single back and forth, please pick up the phone -- there's too much room for misinterpretation and confusion when you're trying to communicate in 20 characters or less. texting is a no-no if you're canceling plans, apologizing, or delivering news she won't be happy with ("btw: going 2 Vegas 2nite").

When in doubt, dial.


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*t* said...

That's *so* funny, because I just overheard a conversation on that topic between two men sitting next to me in the park yesterday. They both had their phones out and the one guy said to the other: God, I hate text messaging. I wish people would just call. A message that takes 2 hours to get across in texts takes, like, a 2 minute conversation.