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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i'm mister bad gym karma

another day, another drama

when i'm in the weight room and i sense that a potential bencher needs a spot, i will go to great lengths to avoid helping, such as:
a) generally refusing to make eye contact with anyone working on or near a bench
b) if i see someone potentially approaching me to ask for a spot, by walking away (to the water fountain or otherwise) while looking down at my iPod
c) if, to my chagrin, i have failed to dodge a spotter's request for aid, and i spot someone - which occasionally happens, such as when i am distracted and someone asks me before i can run away - then after the first set, i disappear. i will even cut short my own workout just to avoid being asked to spot another set.

this occurred last night. before i could escape his eye contact, some skinny indian (like, from india... because that confuses some people. i'm not naming names, but a few weeks ago, a friend asked me, "what else would you call indians like the navajo?" and i replied, "they're native americans." i'm not naming names, because i don't want to embarrass anyone.) was up in my face asking if i could spot him. i sighed heavily, followed him to his breath, and had to stand over his bad breath for almost a whole minute while he heaved up what looked to be about 20 pounds. then i ran away and never came back. considering that there weren't many people in the gym, that indian boy with no one to spot him may have had to cut his workout short as well. i genuinely do not care.

i realize this is poor gym etiquette.
even worse, it is poor karmic behavior. and, ladies and gentlemen, i do believe in karma.

that is why i refuse to do any exercise for which i could potentially need a spotter. so no one can ever treat me the way i treated the little indian boy and anyone else who has EVER asked me for help in the gym.

HA! take THAT, karma!

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