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Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's like i have a fifth sense

i don't usually like to toot my own horn (that's what BFs are for), but i have to point out that i can predict the future.

for just one of the many, many examples of my amazing ability, check out this list of Oscar nominees.

did you check that out? it doesn't matter either way.

now recall my predictions in the past year:

1. MILK will receive numerous nominations, for every category possible. aaand it did. i think it's even nominated for Best Foreign Language film, which makes no sense.

2. i told you that DOUBT is awesome and everyone in it is going to get an Oscar and a pony. aaaaaand it's nom'd for like 100 awards.

3. finally, i'm now ready to eat my words. that stupid WALL-E thing is going to win the award for cheesiest piece of preachy cheese ever fermented. check!

maybe i just say these things to make myself feel important and to convince you sluts to go see the movies i've seen so that we can discuss them.
maybe i only go out of my way to see films that are sure things come Oscar season.
or maybe i have a special gift and i can actually predict the future.

i think the latter is most likely.

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