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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wisdom of the age

call me a pop princess, but i often find depth and meaning in the bubble-gummiest music. you ivy-leaguers can keep your Descartes, your Nietzsche or your Rousseau; i've got Clarkson, Carey, and Spears.

add to that list one of today's most improbable groups of sages: the Pussycat Dolls.they may look like your garden-variety, pay-for-play sluts, but these women belong in a monastery somewhere, chanting the night away and copying scrolls. they are the voice of a generation and yours truly will soon have the great fortune to see them live, as they are opening Britney's concert in March! wooo!

through the medium of song, the wise Pussycat Dolls have expressed the raw emotion of today's youth. we are a generation that aspires to be famous, to have groupies, to drive nice cars... the Dolls are essentially a gyrating think-tank that has empowered many of us sluts who are, in fact, hotter than your girlfriends, making you wish they were freaks like we are. these bards have reminded us, time and again, to stop frontin' and to simply loosen up some buttons.

the philosophartists of which i write gain ground on their path toward enlightenment with their most recent work, which i believe sums up our generation while both teaching and inspiring us.

hear how they explain the tribulations we face, as we are expected to dedicate long, thankless hours to our careers. yet in the same note, the Dolls succinctly encapsulate the hopes, the dreams, and the "work hard, play hard" attitude we all seem to share.

Gimme them bright lights, long nights
Party till the sun is rising
High rise, overtime
Working ’till the moon is shining
Hot guys, fly girls
Never gonna say it
I feel on top of the world,
I feel on top of the world

I’m ready for the pressure
The drama and the pleasure
Got my whole life here in front of me
I’m taking over when I hit the streets

Glamour, glitter and gold
Nothing is stopping you, nothing is stopping me
In this frenzy out of control
I must stay in pursue, do what I got to do

Gimme them bright lights, long nights
Party till the sun is rising
High rise, overtime
Working ’till the moon is shining
It’s like a roller coaster
One step away I’m closer
I can see it there within my reach
Won’t let the city get on top of me
Can’t slow me down
The only thing I know
Is that I won’t fall
And I have it all
you can listen here, or just watch MTV's The City, or so i've been told...

pop music never dies. it just gets younger and sluttier.



Taylor said...

Very thought-provoking, but the glaring neon bit of information in this post, for me, is.....YOU'RE EFFING GOING TO SEE BRITNEY????

that guy said...

March 14.
Newark, New Jizzy.

i thought u knew, gurl.
get a ticket and come along!