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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

don't take my word for it

the reviews are rolling in, and they're gooooood!!*

the Washington Post's review here.
Patrick's gushing review here.
a good one from CultureBully here.
and my favorite so far, HuffPost's review here. this is what i appreciated about it:

Unlike what went down on your moody My December (that now deserves a revisit and a personal apology from each maligner), your energy level is spiking again, and you prove Simon Cowell correct when he once stated on Good Morning America that your pipes were better than your fellow Idolsters "by a mile" (okay, that was years ago, but still...). (emphasis mine)

if you haven't already, go buy All I Ever Wanted.

go now.


*in all fairness, the Chicago Tribune reviewer was NOT impressed. but he seems to have a stick up his ass about m'gurl Kelly to begin with.

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