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Friday, March 6, 2009

only Martha...

what world does Martha Stewart live in? one day she's pruning and photographing her collection of Japanese maple trees, and the next she's being photographed with Paris Hilton at a fashion show. i just...

only Martha can juxtapose two blog entries like "Composting my garden beds in the winter" (complete with 16 photos of dirt) and "Lunch with Ludacris." this is her reality:

We had a nice salad, paella, and chocolate cake for dessert. He is a nice young man and very, very busy. He is extremely excited about his new flick and new album. Ludacris also really liked the chocolate cake!

if you don't already read Martha Stewart's blog, ima tell you one more time that you need to check on it occasionally. just like the big M herself, her blog never ceases to amaze and amuse me. she's quite a character, and she loooooves photographing and sharing every second of her fantastical life.

some of my faves, complete with Martha's sassy and weird but cute captions:

Picture 1 of 46: I need a tan, but guess what - I will never get a tan.

Picture 3 of 17: I just love crafting! Don't you Francesca?
from the post, "My dogs made me something special for Valentine's Day"

Picture 54 of 69: The always tan, George Hamilton and me.

i don't think you have to be a huge Martha fan like me to appreciate the randomness of this blog. and JSYK, a link to it is always right over there --> in my links list.

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