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Thursday, August 27, 2009

need a prescription for RLD

Xanax, Paxil, Zoloft, Flexeril... sounds like a colorful candy dish of feel-good treats to me. yumm...

but lately i've been thinking about our drugged up society (no judgment!). we've all been diagnosed with anxiety disorders and depression and insomnia and -- the list goes on. almost everyone i know has a prescription for something mood-related (and, thank god, many of them like to share. thanks, mom!).

it's just that i'm beginning to wonder if we really have all these disorders. at the end of the day, doesn't even the most sane among us feel anxious, on edge, and maybe even a little bit down? maybe a lot down, depending on what the day had in store for you.

yes, some people have debilitating mental or emotional problems. and if you do, i'm not encouraging you to stop taking your medication. you might need it, and you might suffer from serious anxiety or clinical depression. but i suspect that most of us just have RLD.

Real Life Disorder. when 6pm hits, and you realize that no matter how productive you have been, or how hard you worked, tomorrow will include more of the same. your work will never be done. your bills will never stop coming due. the road ahead of you is long and, at times it might seem, very difficult.

Real Life Disorder. when it's only noon and you can't help but think, "i could really use a drink."

Real Life Disorder. when your workplace or your family is in turmoil, and there's nothing you can do about it but try to ignore it. at least for a little while.

of course we all have good days, fun days, vacation days, inspired days. but RLD can affect any one of us, at any time. you never know when it will sneak up on you -- on an idle tuesday afternoon or a relaxing sunday night. "ugh, tomorrow it's back to real life. i don't want the weekend to end..."

despite all my pondering, i haven't yet arrived at a solution that beats the ease and availibility of prescription drugs that take the edge off of RLD. maybe the key is yoga. maybe it's finding your true calling. maybe it's as simple as falling in love, which always makes the world turn a bit more smoothly.

i'm sorry to disappoint you. i don't know anything about anything.

now can i have some of your Xanax?

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