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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

who's getting excited?


saw it saturday afternoon. cried. a lot.

and because several of you have asked what i thought, i'll try to sum it up.

in short: if you haven't seen it, i recommend it.

if you've read the book, don't expect to be blown away. it really doesn't compare. that said,
you'll still enjoy it for being a good movie, despite a lot of missing pieces and a somewhat skewed tone overall in comparison.

if you haven't read the book, i think you'll enjoy it. it's a very complex story that has been whittled down to a digestible, beautiful, and still heart-wrenching love story. IMHO, that is. some people would totally disagree with me.

possibly because i really like rachel mcadams, partly because i relate to, and can get very emotional over, the themes expressed through the tumultuous relationship between clare and henry... i have few criticisms of the film while acknowledging that it wasn't perfect, nor did it necessarily do the novel justice.

eh, i guess that's to be expected when art is translated to a new medium. i've said my piece.

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