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Thursday, December 3, 2009

don't sleep... i know what you're thinking.

i love sleep.

i know you know that, because i've said it time and time again on this blog. sleep is one of my favorite things. i once feng shui'd my room so as to sleep better. i whine like a girlchild when i don't get enough, and i require a lot of it. my nightcaps help. sometimes it hurts to get up because i enjoy sleep so much.

hemingway said it best when he wrote, "I love sleep. My life tends to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?"

given my love for, and apparent fixation on, sleep, you might be surprised to hear that i'm trying not to do it as much anymore.

for the past week, i've been staying up much later than usual. shaunice might think it's because i enjoy spending the evenings with her, having a glass of wine and watching Chelsea Lately when it's actually on, rather than a day late. and i do enjoy all those things. but that's not why i'm staying up until midnight or after.

it began accidentally. last week, as i geared up for the approaching holiday, i stayed busy and just forgot to go to bed at my usual 9:30 or 10. it surprised me to find that, the days after staying up later, i felt just fine. in fact, i might have even had more energy.

sunday night my experiment began. it continued all week long. now, on thursday, i look back at a week full of energy and productivity -- not only at work, but also in the evenings. i've had no trouble getting out of bed any morning this week. i haven't found myself on the verge of dozing off at my desk. i feel great.

could getting fewer hours of sleep actually give me more energy and leave me feeling better rested?

seems so. maybe i don't need 10 hours of sleep per night after all. who knew??

okay, maybe you knew. i have plenty of friends who sleep only 5 or 6 hours per night. i once thought this a dangerous, terribly unhealthy lifestyle, despite reading various reports over the years about personal sleep needs being different for everyone.

i'm not yet sure what my perfect number of hours is, but i'm working on that. and i'm feeling great. JSYK.

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