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Sunday, April 18, 2010

i hear that

GQ's Spring Guide to Dressing for Less shares a tidbit to which i can fully relate: designer stud and now director Tom Ford cuts his own hair. boo-yah!

GQ reports:

The famously fastidious, controlling, luxury-obsessed fashion designer has been trimming his own for fifteen years. "Two things I can't stand," he says. "Standing there and getting my suits tailored, and sitting still and having someone cut my hair." Ford doesn't use scissors; he relies on a pair of Wahl electric clippers he bought at the drugstore.

Not that we're calling Tom an idiot, but the clippers are idiotproof. Thanks to attachable plastic guards, lengths are standardized and nicks aren't an issue. Ford uses an 8 on top, 7 on the sides, and while holding a mirror in his free hand, a 6 on the back. We might suggest asking your girlfriend to handle the neckline. That is, of course, if you trust her.

HA! "Girlfriend..."

at any rate, i haven't let another person cut my hair since i paid $40 for a simple buzz cut in Pittsburgh back in 2005 and said, "ENOUGH! i can do it myself!"

*also -- sorry that pic above is a little bit gratuitous, but if you Google image Tom, most of the results are pretty risque. so, yeah, that's what i'll be doing for the next half hour or so.

oh and - um - other than the bit i'm sharing here, the article basically just says to wear colorful boat shoes and buy tight clothes that you love, even if they're esspensive, because you'll wear them a long time. that about sums it up. GQ thinks nobody ever gains weight or weighs more than a 140-lb Burberry model.

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