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Friday, April 9, 2010

about art and stuff

this afternoon i finally made it to see the PICASSO exhibit at the PMA. i had a very calming, mindful afternoon strolling around the exhibit and losing myself in nonsensical art.

this was the most fascinating piece in the collection:

and, yeah, it's not even Picasso's work. it's Dali's boiled bean construction something or other. it depicts the havoc wrought upon Spain by civil war. maybe that's not as accurate as i could state it, but that's how i'd explain it after listening to the soothing British voices (
none of that Cockney shit!) speaking to me through my museum headset.

i don't even want to know how many other people have worn those earphones. ick. i found a grey hair on mine. at least old people are clean. sterile, even. but i digress...

while the subject of the painting is gruesome and ugly, it's quite beautiful up close. somehow in the early 20th century, SD was able to paint an almost 3D light on his paintings. as you stand in front of the piece, the sky behind that monster actually glows. i thought, for a second, that the glow was a strange effect of the PMA lighting, but it was just the paint.

what Dali has to do with Picasso, i still don't know. the Brits didn't whisper that explanation into my ear, unfortunately.

i guess i'm hereby recommending that you go to the PICASSO exhibit (which leaves town April 25th) so that you can see Salvador Dali's work.


T. said...

My art history skills are rusty, so my only thought with Dali being in with Picasso may be the time period? If I remember correctly, Cubism led in to Surrealism.

I would have never guessed you as a Dali-liker. Curious if they kept some of his work up in the Modern/Contemporary Art area of the museum.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I agree, Dali is a bit more interesting than Picasso. Picasso also apparently had issues with very young girls. I love a good art exhibit. I wish I could go :(

Colleen said...

This is the second review I've read of the "Picasso" exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here's the other one:

I don't know if I'll get to Philly in time to see it, but I've enjoyed hearing my friends' perspectives.