So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

misty water-colored mmrs

forgive my sentimentality this morning, but i'm facing a sad day. the sky weeps for me as i take a step i've been putting off for more than a month.

it's time to get rid of my cell phone. i haven't used it since the Blackberry was invented approximately one month ago, but i've been holding onto it for a different reason.

you see, sometimes late at night when all the world is sleeping, i stay up and click through old text messages. some are funny, some are sweet, but most of them are my primary reminders of important or exciting events. and so i save them.

don't judge. you probably do it, too.

so as i get ready to pull the SIM card out of my cute little Lauren Conrad LG phone, i'd like to share with you, as well as keep on record, just a few of my favorite received text memories:

minutes after i found out i passed the bar exam and texted everyone who cared:
Oct 08, 11:19 AM
Omg omg omg omg! I'm in classss but ill call you in 40 mins!

true blood kept us on the edge of our seats last fall:
Oct 12, 9:44 PM
Bitch gon eat that whole pie!

called out on my slang:
Nov 02, 10:08 PM
u r SO NOT ra.zoe.

her mother knows best:
Dec 19, 12:26 AM
I told my mom where I was going and she said I should be at home reading my bible. HA!

a rare moment of weakness and recognition:

Jan 15, 12:14 AM
I just want to see your face and smell your skin. And to hold you. Delete this, by the way.

just another night out. eric always gets lost:

Feb 07, 1:22 AM
Wwhere ate u?

after eating indian food with a friend, then informing her i did a number 3:
Mar 19, 9:50 PM
I just did a 2. Stomach is still rumbling though!

and we did:
Jan 07, 9:29 PM
When u come visit me, i think we should really get our drunk on.

valentine's day:
Feb 13, 4:43 PM
Waited for the mailman.

and my favorite text of all time, which kept me and the drunky sender laughing for days:
Mar 14, 1:40 AM
Mdmng... 33 555666lost Shaatnas qhone

goodbye, little cell phone. we've had some good times. thanks for the reminders.

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Taylor said...

Not to rain a total downpour on your nostalgia, but you could always forward select "greatest hits" to your BBerry...