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Monday, July 20, 2009

what was it you said about fish?

for all of you who told me i am crazy.

and laughed at me.

and asked if i was just making this stuff up.

and suggested i not bring up the topic again:



suck it.

but first, click here. and here. and here. and here. and here.

and don't even get me started on the pollution and toxicity issues.


Anonymous said...

Apparently sources believe worm's findings are just plain "wrong." The rebuttals sound awfully convincing to me. Take a look!

tobethatguy said...

the first is an extremely biased source that also gives major props to "environmentally friendly" McDonald's. ridic.

the second is just a comment thread that in no way trumps my dozens of scientifically-backed or even scientist-written articles.

fish dead in 2048: is it absolutely certain? no. is it an issue that scientists are discussing? YES, very much so. therefore, is it something we should have some concern for? yes. i think so.

so when my friends told me it was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard, i had to take 2 minutes and do a simple google search to show them i didn't make this ish up.