So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

in this life

note: my blogger buddy LB@30 decided that the blogosphere was getting sleepy this summer, so she took control of the situation and started a Secret Santa project to get us all talking.  she randomly matched up her blogger friends so that we'd give one another assignments. (thanks for all your hard work, dear.  such a fun idea.) today i'm completing my assignment.

Ten Things I Want To Do Before I'm Pushing Up Daisies
1.    i want a baby.  i'll share it if necessary; i just want one.  ask my roommate, i'm baby crazy.  
     unfortunately, Shaunice refuses to get pregnant while she's in law school. selfish.  i always do nice things for her.

2.     i want to live abroad again.  as i was discussing with a few people at a party i attended last night, i think that adults should be able to "study" abroad.  some of the most amazing moments of my life occurred while i lived in Italy and Costa Rica.  i want more.  i have wanderlust so bad.

3.     speaking of that party last night, i want a surprise party at some point in my life.  friends, get on it!  i want to be truly surprised.

4.     i want to go to Ireland with my bff Danielle.  we've been talking about it ever since we were in London back in 2005.  wow, five years already.  where does it go?

5.     i want to completely change my profession.  not just because being a lawyer is boring, but also because life is too long to do just one thing.  

6.     i will, at some point, turn this blog into a book.  not to sell, not for anyone else.  just for me, so that i can remember what i was doing and feeling on, for example, May 20, 2007.  that'll be really fun to read on May 20, 2027.  
     i take trips down memory lane with my travel journals (because i don't date entries in my main journal), and it's so great to read what i was doing and where i was doing it on this date minus five years. 

7.     i want to enter into a legally binding contract that commits a man to me 'til death do us part.

8.     i want to celebrate Atticus Finch's 20th birthday.  he turns 4 in a month and a half, and i think i'm going to throw him a huge party.  

9.   i want to own a boat.  i love boats.  the tough part will be deciding what to name it.  

10.    i want to send my ma on a lavish vacation to Australia.  

    i could go on, but my Secret Santa limited me to 10, and i always follow the rules.


    Piney said...

    I can certainly empathise with the wanderlust, there's just so much to see! On that note, if you ever do grace the Emerald Isle, leave me a comment and I'll tell you all the best local spots :-)

    anastasia beaverhausen said...

    1. hang out in the park long enough and i'm sure you can steal one.

    2. there's nothing wrong with being a "student of life"

    3. you're too good of a party planner

    4. do it

    5. my cousin once said she was considering being a postman, on your same theory. anything is possible.


    7. <3

    8. i hope i'm invited

    9. Atticus Finch

    10. she's a lucky ma