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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

such a thing is still possible

I don't know how the world broke.  And I don't know if there's a God who can help us fix it.  But the fact that the world is broken -- I absolutely believe that.  Just look around us.  Every minute -- every single second -- there are a million things you could be thinking about.  Our world -- don't you just feel we're becoming more and more fragmented? I used to think that when I got older, the world would make so much more sense.  But you know what? The older I get, the more confusing it is to me.  The more complicated it is.  Harder.  You'd think we'd be getting better at it.  But there's just more and more chaos.  The pieces -- they're everywhere.  And nobody knows what to do about it.  I find myself grasping...

You know that feeling?  That feeling when you just want the right thing to fall into the right place, not only because it's right, but because it will mean that such a thing is still possible?  I want to believe in that.  

-from the book Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan.  

one of my dear, thoughtful friends gave me the book as a birthday gift, along with a box of the only candy i'll ever love, *Baci, and now i'm spending one of the last quiet mornings of my sabbatical reading through NNIP and marking my favorite parts with *Baci wrappers.  love, love.

OH and the best part is that my dear, thoughtful friend took the liberty of going through the book before giving it to me and dog-earing pages holding some of the best parts.  i. love it.  

sometimes i worry that when somebody borrows a book from me, he or she might get annoyed at all the dog-eared pages and highlighted sections (i always was every English lit. teacher's pet).  but finally somebody has done it to me, and i. love it.  it's almost a game, to figure out what was so special on this page to warrant folding down one of its corners.  i guess highlighting wouldn't be so much fun.  maybe i'll stop doing that.  

and in case anyone is curious -- while the novel is much more chaotic and music-snobby and teen angst-y, the filmmakers did a pretty amazing job of translating it from page to screen.  very impressive.

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