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Monday, August 23, 2010

you always remember your first time.

A.Sull. over at The Daily Dish was talking about people's first kisses the other day, and it got me thinking about mine.

my first kiss didn't happen until i was 18 years old (i don't count the years that i spent kissing girls).  i was a freshman at my pretty little Bible college, where i was trying hard to be a GCB.  that's a Good Christian Boy, for those of you who aren't hip to the lingo.   despite all my trying, i failed.  i ended up being a BCB before my first semester of college even ended.

i blame B.  he was fun and nice to me, and he was so gregarious.  i needed friends like him, even if he was a temptation.  because B was "bi." and one autumn night bi B and i took a walk off campus and talked about our lives. and we stopped by a building along the train tracks. and he pushed me up against the building. and he kissed me.  and i started to cry.  

what a little mess i was.  i thought that Jesus was watching me and disapproving.  silly, silly boy.  looking back, i'm glad that my first time was with a GCB on a chilly fall night along the train tracks.  i think it was a good kiss, too, though i was shaking and scared and busy manufacturing tears.

okay, i showed you mine, now you show me yours. i want to know about yours.  seriously, this means that you need to post a comment (anonymously if you wish) and tell me about your first kiss. 

c'mon, guys.  i don't ask you for much.  do it.


Anonymous said...

A long walk on a warm spring night at 15. On the playground equipment at my old elementary school. With someone else's boyfriend. Romantic...

Anonymous said...

With a girl - Under the cement turtle on the playground when I was in first grade. Grossed out and silly.

With a boy - In the passenger seat of a car parked by the baseball field in my neighborhood. Probably 16 or 17. Terrified. Shocked afterward when I thought, "That's what it's supposed to feel like."

Anonymous said...

Girl - I kissed her in the local football pitch when I was 13. She was wearing a belly top and it absolutely terrified me!
Boy - I got hammered drunk, went to a gay bar on my own (again terrified, what's with all the staring!?) and kissed a guy 10 years older than me! I also burst into tears afterwards as I felt like such a man whore!

Anonymous said...


Oh! Wait. No. Sixth grade school dance. It was exhilarating.

Anonymous said...

On a small bridge over a river.
Underneath the stars.
He had lips like a girl.