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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i wrote me a letter.

...but i haven't received it yet.

my friend T is a treasure hunter. rather than digging through piles of sand, though, she digs through piles of internet sh*t and uncovers its hidden gems. and then, because she's such a nice girl, she shares them. usually here.

the other day she shared one that has me enthralled.


it's like a time capsule, but comprised of words. buried in the mysterious internets, destined to resurface in a year, five years, ten years, whenever you want it to come back to you, or to someone else. until it does, anyone can read it online (don't worry, it's anonymous), and herein lies the magic of this site.

sure, it's nice to be able to write the future you a letter, give yourself advice, just in case you forget to remember something. but that's not what i like about the site.

the beauty of the site is that it satiates the voyeur in all of us, allowing us to peer into strangers' emotions and personal drama. perhaps causing us to wonder who wrote the note. or take to heart the back-from-the-future advice, sympathizing with the giver.

check out the site. and for those of you who are so lazy that you won't take on the burden of clicking your mouse and checking it out for yourself, i've copied a few that i appreciated. i will not, however, be sharing with you my own letter to my future self. cause that's private, y'all.

* * *

Dear FutureMe,

you need to tell him. Tell him you love him. Tell him before it is too late..oh ya, also happy valentines day =]

(written Sat Feb 9, 2008, to be delivered Sat Feb 14, 2009)

* * *
Dear FutureMe,

I'm with hunter right now. I love him. I hope you're not dead, in jail or out of college!!!

(written Sun Feb 10, 2008, to be delivered Mon Mar 5, 2012)
* * *

The end. Is near.

Be prepared.

(written Fri Dec 15, 2006, to be delivered Sat Jan 1, 2011)

* * *
Dearest Future Me,

At the moment you're feeling lost and terrible. You're trying to convince yourself that you're making the right decision. You're moving back home. You came here, 3 provinces away from where you originally started, to be with him and it hasn't worked out.

I love him, with all my heart. And I swear to god if anything else goes wrong I'll be so upset. Was it worth it? Was he worth it? Right now I think he was. I hope he's still around.

Two and a half years of my life down the hole, but I'm not regretting a single moment of it. I just wish I could have made this work. I miss him already. He's beautiful and intelligent and outstanding. He's beyond words, and my love for him will never fade... it just hurts so much.

In a years time, you will receive this letter and if you're not over it - you're an idiot. Stop dwelling. Otherwise, I hope this finds you well.

(written Wed May 11, 2005, sent Thu May 11, 2006)

* * *

Happy birthday my princess...

You turn fifty today. I wonder if you still remember me...

I loved you with my heart when I wrote this e-mail. I hope you are still part of my life when you receive this...


(written Sun Dec 18, 2005, to be delivered Tue Jun 16, 2026)

* * *
Dear FutureMe,
I'm almost certain I'll have forgotten this.
1. For a short period of time you were happy.
2. You better have written a book by now.
3. Hopefully you're still with her.
4. Good luck

(written Sat Dec 31, 2005, sent Thu Apr 12, 2007)

* * *
Dear FutureMe,

hopefully you have a time machine by now, please send it to the past, i need it... send it to 6/28/2006 at 6:30 pm. in the event this is sent to someone other than myself, and you also have a time machine, please travel to the past, reply to the email, and i will give you instructions on how to deliver the time machine. to ensure you contact me, you can visit my myspace page, the url is swiftwithoutfeet

past me

(written Wed Jun 28, 2006, to be delivered Thu Jun 26, 2036)

check out FutureMe here, and write yourself a nice note.

1 comment:

*t* said...

thanks for the props, buddy. :)

i first discovered FutureMe perusing the humor section of the bookstore. it's not unlike PostSecret. and that's also what i liked about it. the anonymity--that any one person's message can seem universal...and sometimes humorous.

i've sent two messages to myself already from it--and i always forget what i wrote. but it all comes back to me when i reread it and the significance is stunning.

love it.