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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


dear Killers, or more specifically, dear Brandon Flowers (aka "the cute one"):

you've done it again, ain't you?

i'm still listening to Sam's Town, and already you've got a potentially even more awesome follow-up in the works. i. am. excited.

don't tell Mr. Paltrow this, but your new single HUMAN has tooootally replaced "Viva La Vida" as my new fave wake-up song. you're now playing on repeat in Apartment 2F every morning and probably even waking my upstairs gaybors. i don't care, though, because i hear them slamming doors and stomping on the stairs at all hours. I HATE YOU, NEIGHBORS!

at any rate, thanks for the new song, and thank you in advance for your upcoming hotness, Day & Age (due for release on 11/25, bitchez!). you know i'll be first in line to get my illegally uploaded copy of the album the night before its release!



* * *

if you haven't yet heard it, take a listen here on The Killers official site. OR just take the easy way out and enjoy this unofficial youtube bootleg:

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