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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

from the archives - verbatim

5 years ago today. 2003.
before bloggers blogged.
back when bloggers journaled.
when this blogger journaled.

Oct. 7

Que caprichoso!

Well, I was today. I did something so capricious. I guess I knew where I would get a piercing, but I never really thought I would get one. So I was in the mall... in the piercing shop.

The man said it would cost 8,000 colones, and I had exactly that much in my pocket. So maybe it was destiny.

Either way, I went into that little room.
"It's just like a shot, right?"
"No," she assured me, "this is going to hurt."
"Muchas gracias," I laughed. She was such a little bitch!

It did hurt. A LOT. I felt like it would never end. Then it was over... and it still hurt :-)

"A minute of pain for a lifetime of happiness," she told me in Spanish.

Does she think I'll have this piercing when I'm 80 years old? Or did she mean that this was the beginning of a lifetime of happiness? Have I been liberated? Am I now a free spirit, ready to live a life full of happiness and adventure?

Hmm... I think she just meant that I could keep my piercing for life - or the scar. I dunno.

I'f argued before that if the good Lord had wanted an extra hole in my body or a tattoo permanently on my skin, He would have given it to me. But now that I have gotten another hole in my body, I don't feel bad or weird. I, well, I kinda like it. I feel different - like I've got a great accessory.

It's so small - it isn't even a big deal, and no one will notice it. But the important people will. And I notice it. It was a liberating experience.

five months later i took it out.
i made the decision to get it before i knew my character.

and it still hurt sometimes.
and he didn't like it.

my, how far we've come!


Pat said...

My coworker, Sheila, goes back into her middle school diary and shares entries she's written... then inserts her opinion on her feelings today. VERY funny

I think you should do the same. She's writing a book out of it, I think.

Also, remember my eyebrow ring? Sometimes I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about when you randomly peirced your foccacia? I remember that...