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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Monday, July 21, 2008

gays are always unemployed

stereotype? yes.
unfounded? no.

as i step out for my morning latte, even along the two very short blocks to starbucks, i can't help but notice how busy the neighborhood is! and not busy in that i'm-rushing-to-work or i-have-to-get-this-copied-for-my-boss kind of way.

it's busy in the same way the gayborhood is always busy. homos reading the paper at starbucks. groups of guys gathered around a table at cosi (yes, i stopped for a bagel. mind your own diet!). cute boys with their laptops hanging out in the window of brewhaha. some even sitting on their stoops, complaining about how hot it be. yeah, i pass all the hot spots on my walk. and it appears to be just a normal, leisurely evening in the hood.

but, no. this was at 10:30 AM!

i wanted to stop and ask someone, "don't you guys have JOBS?" but i was afraid the response would be an offer to give a job..

the only thing distinguishing the neighb this morning from the neighb at 6 PM today is that everyone's drinking coffee, rather than whatever's on special at happy hour.

they really don't have jobs, do they? none of them!

i am slightly confused. i'm slightly embarrassed. and i'm so self-centered that my predominant thought is, "what if they think I don't have a job? that i'm lazy?" because i'm doing the same thing they all are.

if i had a t-shirt that said, "i'm actually an extremely productive member of society and happen to be studying for two states' bar exams in order to add ESQ. to my name," i would wear it on my coffee run tomorrow morning. and all of august. because then i will just be lazy and unproductive, if you don't count my primary task of stimulating the economy.

or maybe this is all just another ploy to make myself feel good about my life right now. it's better than being unemployed. or lazy. or gay.



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