So, this is my life.

And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

in the rearview mirror

two years ago as we arrived back on US soil, i scribbled a few last words into my summer journal, ready to be closed forever, placed on a shelf, and read every few months in spontaneous fits of nostalgia for roma, for firenze, for london. especially for london...

the entry that day:

Two hours and I'll be back in the US. I escaped so successfully and cut myself off in many ways. And I loved it. No one had my phone number. I e-mailed when I felt like it. I've been very free... But the consequence of this escape is that I haven't thought about starting work, or OCI, or home. I was living in the moment, or if I wasn't doing that, I was living for a rendezvous that was being planned. Now what?
Tomorrow I'll get back to work and down to sanity. I'll clear up the mess I made before I left here...

and a quote:

I had roses, and I apologized to no one.

(from v. for vendetta. watched it on the plane. it's actually a v. good movie)

we came home and made a camajalini mix "tape" by which to remember that summer. the songs still take me back:

Crazy - gnarles barkley
World Hold On - bob sinclair
Seven Nation Army - the white stripes
Mas Que Nada - black eyed peas
Upside Down - jack johnson
Hey Ma - cam'ron
Stop! Dimentica - tiziano ferro
Pump It - black eyed peas
Love Generation - bob sinclair

i guess what i'm trying to say is, it was a great summer. and these days i long for it. i long to hear, "prossima fermata: cipro. musei vaticani. uscita lato...destro."



Carey said...

we'll be back there some day, but i promise you we will not be staying in the little yellow hostel above a night club. oh no, never again...

that guy said...

good point. from here on out, we'll be able to afford real hotels.

but i have to say, despite the unts-unts-unts of the night club below us and those two less-than-luxurious twin beds we had pushed together, didn't we sleep so well? for 14 solid hours or something like that? sweet jet lag!