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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

heavy metal's new gay rights spokesman

who knew big screaming rocker henry rollins would become a leader in the fight for gay rights? and he's not even gay.

'To me it’s just common sense. You come out of the womb and you’re something. You’re straight, you’re gay or you’re lucky,' he said. 'You know what you are very soon in your life. So when someone says you can’t love that person, you can’t marry that person I’m like, 'Really, fuck you!' Boy, if I was gay I would kick your arse!'"

Said Rollins in an interview with a Cleveland newspaper, "I think it's really lame what's going on with those that are gay and I'm not gay. I was raised around gay folks. I was raised in the DC area. There are a lot of gay people there. My mom had gay friends. I had gay bosses.
. . .
What if it was weird to be straight? What if someone said, 'What's wrong with you?' for staring at a woman? I think if Bill and Tom want to get married, they should be able to in America. If someone has a problem with that, go on your way."

okay, i never liked black flag, and i think his music is just all screaming and noise, but he has always been sexy in that "he is either going to beat me up or hug me" kind of way. but -- um -- well, i guess all that is beside the point.

the point is, thanks, henry. . . you big stud!

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