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Monday, April 21, 2008

they've got a lot of nerve

i don't know what kind of training program trader joe's has, but the employees of that store are out of control. i've noticed it a few times. they act like personal shoppers, telling the old folk what to buy. they explain why their non-brands are better than brands. the produce vegans are super sassy and haven't showered in ages.

and last sunday, as i was shopping at tj's with my bff danielle, i almost killed the checkout counter kid. i say kid because i thought he was a boy, whereas when we left, danielle said "wait, that was a girl... right?" and i'm not one to get all concerned with gender, because it's nothing more than a social construct, but for the sake of making me feel like i was correct, let's call him a boy.

as he was ringing up my cart o' food, the checkout kid commented on my purchases, with comments like, "ooh, indiannnnn. yummm." and "skim MILK." so random. and then he crossed the line. as he rang up my CLIF Builder Bars - all natural protein bars - he looked at me and asked, "oh, 'ya tryin' to get big?" danielle started laughing and turned away. i didn't know what to say, so i answered truthfully: "yes."

i. was. livid.
embarrassed, really.

who told him he was allowed to ask personal questions of customers?

what if i had bought condoms? "ooh, 'ya plannin' on doin' it?"
or laxatives? "oh, 'ya wanna crap?"

call me old-fashioned, but i prefer my checkout wenches to keep their mouths shut, heads down, and meek smiles polite as they hand back my AmEx. period. full stop.

i'd even prefer the amazingly rude staff of Superfresh, who don't seem to realize that a) they're getting paid to work or b) opening up another checkout line is more productive than standing around expressing amazement about how many people are shopping on a saturday afternoon.

needless to say, i am now boycotting trader joe's, for up to a month, or as long as it takes until i find someone to drive me back there to get more groceries.

add this to the list of other things i continue to boycott:
-Cosi (except at breakfast time)
-heterosexual weddings
-pork & seafood
- (and apparently) studying


Andrea said...

i'm also boycotting hetero weddings and studying. not so much with you on the tjs boycott though. they have those yummy mochi balls.

*t said...

I am LOL-ing so hard right now.

a.) what possessed you to go all the way to TJ's for food?

b.) why, when i used to shop there all the time did i never get an opinionated cashier???

c.) i am with you on the Cosi boycott...but only for...err...nevermind, i still eat it. :/