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Friday, April 18, 2008

overactive jiminy cricket

hey e,

remember that time we were at the indian casino in upstate NY, and we were standing in line for that all-you-fat-americans-can-eat buffet? and then that annoying blonde girl came around to pester everyone by asking each person in line if he or she would like to sign up for a super savings gambler rewards card? i think the card was called the "You'll Probably Lose Your House and Be Forced Into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Within a Year of Signing Up for This Rewards" Card. OH, and it was FREE!

but my point is, remember how when that annoying girl got to us in line and asked us if we would like to sign up for the YPLYHABFICSBWAYOSUFTR Card, i brutally rebuffed her by saying, "umm.... i think gambling is a sin," and then turned my back to her, only to hear her move on down the line of potential compulsive gamblers, asking the same question repeatedly?

so, i remembered that incident today, spontaneously, and i felt GUILTY. like... weirdly guilty. for probably an entire minute, i felt bad for what i said to the girl and wondered if i might have upset her.

but then, as per my usual m.o., i rationalized my way out of feeling sorry or guilty.

i figured that, at the very least, i gave that upstate new york part-time beauty school student something to go back and tell her co-workers in the breakroom. and i imagined them all screaming "omigaad then why was he in a casino??" and her being all like "i know, right?!" and then i felt happy about what i said to her. because everyone loves to have a story to tell.

be it bad news or good, if the story is interesting, people enjoy being the one to tell it first. that's human nature. and this facet of our ego explains why i took a tiiiiiny bit of pleasure in witnessing the girl get stabbed on the subway earlier this semester (see previous entry entitled, "a not-so-funny thing happened on the way to class"). that story carried me for DAYS, preventing awkward silences in multiple social settings. i told professors, even.

so, that's what i was thinking about earlier today.

slow news day.

oh, but did you hear tom and katie might be getting a divorce?

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Eric said...

OMG.. how did I miss this...

I was thinking about that story as I was purchasing a lottery ticket on friday. It is sad how many feel that the ticket out of whatever miserable life they have made for themselves, is to throw money away and leave it entirely up to chance. How about taking that money and investing it in something, like I don't know, a savings account?

To keep marketing gambling as your "big chance" is to promise something to people who really have almost no chance of ever attaining that goal. The rich get richer and the poor get second degree lung cancer.

What is wrong with the world today?

Didn't win the lottery on Saturday but there is another drawing on Wednesday!!!! Wish me LUCK!