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Monday, April 14, 2008

in a moment of weakness

i e-mailed the homophobic fox news dummy bill o'reilly. this is it:

* * *

Homophobia or willful ignorance?

Matthew to

This is not hate mail, nor is it a rant.

I would just like you to know that of the many comments you have made about homosexuals and the homosexual agenda, there is one that hurts most, simply because it is so wrong. It's a comment I wished for years were the truth. I tried. I prayed. I went to Bible college. I cried. I pled. And after years of struggling and abstaining from action, I had to face the fact that what you said, what I wanted so badly to be true, was wrong:

"There's a difference between who you are and what you do." The suggestion that homosexuality is an act. It is not an act. It requires no action. It needed no choice. Honestly, who would choose this?

I understand the ignorance of your supporters and supposedly your ignorance as well, because I come from a very conservative background and, in many ways, remain a conservative. I would have remained as conservative as you, had I been able to convince myself that homosexuality was a choice, a sin, or simply an action.

I also agree that there is an agenda: it's an intelligently orchestrated, pervasive campaign for acceptance and respect of one another, despite differences. A tactical attempt to foster recognition that, really, I do not deserve to be treated differently than you simply because of genetics or whatever makes a person a homosexual. What is so terrible about that, in the eyes of social conservatives, I may never know.

Thank you for reading.

Philadelphia, PA

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ASH said...

You are my hero.