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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

planning for the future

i was chatting with my good amigo manuel recently about plans after graduation, the job search, getting married, and other crazy things that seem so far away but are really just around the corner. during the conversation, manolo said something that shocked me, something i've thought about a lot since.

he said, "within two years bill and i plan to move to move to denver. we thought about new york, but... it'll be underwater someday." so matter-of-factly. so certainly. as if new york being flooded were as certain as the sun setting.

i couldn't help but wonder: should i consider global warming as i plan my own future? should i begin moving inland now? should i visit venice one last time, before it sinks completely? should i get a cool map-of-the-world tattoo on my back like that creepy little girl in Waterworld had?

i don't know about all that, but what i know for sure is, there are a few cities to which i will not be moving:
-new york

and to my dear friends in new york... um... maybe you can find your house on here? :-)



Patrick said...

awesome! My property value is going to skyrocket once it becomes oceanfront!

that guy said...

good point.

maybe in 20 years, you and your slutty friends won't have to trek all the way to fire island to lounge on the beach and stare at hunks.

Patrick said...

we'll BE the hunks.

Just kidding, we already are, just kidding just kidding just kidding...