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Monday, June 30, 2008

cellar door

"What if you could go back in time, and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?"

i'm pretty sure i'm the last person in the americas to see donnie darko, a/k/a the scariest effing movie i've ever seen. and apparentl
y i'm also the last person to blog about it, because there are approximately 3 billion websites and blog posts dedicated to the film and its meaning.

if you've seen it, which you certainly have, then you know that it leaves more questions than answers, yet not in an unsatisfying way, like one of my bf jake gyllenho's other films, zodiac (that piece of trash left nothing but unanswered questions and furrowed brows). but donnie wasn't as frustrating. "it's a thinking person's movie," A said to me last night. he's right, you know. he's right.

and whereas most people my age, after wat
ching the film, probably pass around a bong and get down to work talking their way through the film's ultimate lesson, i took to the internets to figure it out. that's when i realized how many geeks out there in dvd-land have watched the film countless times, created time-lines of events, charts and graphs detailing when and where the tangent universe splits from the primary universe, and -- most appropriately -- commented at how scary that effing bunny rabbit is.

the whole thing reminds me a bit of back to the future, and i suspect that the storyline can be boiled down to something almost as simple and as
accessible to 13-year-olds who aren't smoking up. like us in the early 90's! this theory is supported by jakey poo's comment in the DD about BTTF. coincidence? no.

i'm not going to add my interpretation of the film because, frankly, it's too late. i'm several years too late. oh, and i need to watch it again. and again. and again, in order to do so with confidence. so what's the point of this post? why did i want to become just another internet geek/dd groupie?

to show you this:

happy nightmares, bitchez!!!

OKAY, i apologize. maybe this will make you feel better:

works for me. every time.


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