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And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

will you get ahold of yourself!?

continuing in my recent pattern of shameful behavior and self-redeeming confessions, here's my latest mae culpa:

last night i had chinese take-out. even though it wasn't a sunday. but i had a long day, my brain waz fried, and i badly needed a sweet & sour chicken. and fried rice. and an egg roll. and veggie dumplings. (in my defense, i didn't finish the rice... until this morning). the worst is yet to come.

i had it delivered.

although i live less than 2 blocks from my new favorite place on earth, jin house, i couldn't bear to put on real clothing and walk those approximately 1.75 blocks. plus, i was busy studying. well, okay, i was busy watching a few episodes of season 1 of SATC.

the girl on the phone told me 25 minutes, which seemed to me an inordinate amount of time, considering they invariably tell me 10 minutes if i tell them i'm picking it up myself. the 25-minute wait almost made me want to walk and get it. but i didn't.

and then something both magical and disturbing happened.

exactly 8 minutes after i hung up the phone, my doorbell rang. could it really be? how is this possible? with some hesitation in my voice, i told the delivery guy, "wow, that was really fast..." to which he smiled and replied, "you're welcome."

it turned out to be the best, hottest, freshest, most perfect chinese take-out i've ever had. i think the entire transaction was extremely efficient. my food was brought to me as soon as it was made. neither i nor my carboload meal had to sit and wait. and my evening of productivity was uninterrupted. perfection in a take-out bag.

and that's the story i'm sticking with in order to feel less guilty. the diet resumes monday. don't judge me.


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